CLASS Descriptions

What to expect in a class with me.

My intention is to provide a compassionate, fun, and safe space for students to explore and discover the truth of who they are through the body, breath and mind.

yoga.power - (HEATED)
A powerful, dynamic & sweaty all levels class designed to challenge, awaken, detoxify & purify every system, muscle and tissue of the body. This energetic flow style class guides students towards greater awareness of self, personal transformation and empowerment. It will sculpt, tone and condition both your body and mind. This class is appropriate for all levels. Modifications and variations are encouraged to support and accommodate individual needs and experience levels. 
WHEN: Sundays 4:00-5:15pm, Tuesdays 12:00-1:00pm, Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 am (Hot Elevation Studios)
yoga.power down - (HEATED)
The softer side to Power! Enjoy an hour long, deep, juicy release every Sunday evening! This class is a vinyasa/yin fusion style class blending a slow-moving flow to prepare the body for long, deep holds. You will release tension, facilitate opening in every area and work deep into connective tissue. These longer holds, accompanied by the breath, allow you to integrate body, mind and soul as you let go and release deeply. This class is ideal for athletes and a perfect balance to our more vigorous Power Yoga classes.
WHEN: Sundays 5:30-6:30pm (Hot Elevation Studios)
Vinyasa Flow - (HEATED)
Vinyasa Flow emphasizes the graceful fluidity of Yoga. With a focus on alignment principles, attention to breath, and mindfulness through transitions, a greater awareness and connection is created between mind and body. Students of this practice cultivate a sense of openness, strength, focus and balance by linking the breath to each posture. Modifications and intensification options are offered to encourage a practice according to one's own needs, creating a beautiful opportunity to be inspired by fellow students of all levels
WHEN: Mondays 7:00-8:00pm (Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts)
Yang/Yin Yoga
Each class starts with a warm-up and breathing practice, moving with increased focus and intention to more dynamic (yang) strength building poses and then gently transitions into more passively held stretches that typify yin yoga. Students will gain strength, flexibility and develop keen self-awareness as they learn to use the breath to flow- a perfect way to transition from day to night and prepare for a restful night of sleep. 
WHEN: Wednesdays 9:00-10:15am (Watsonville Yoga, Dance, and Healing Arts)
Hatha/Restorative Yoga- (every other Sunday)
This practice builds deep flexibility, strength and meditative equilibrium with longer holds in the postures. There is ample time in each posture to reflect upon and understand various aspects of the art of Yoga, and this approach is often best suited for persons needing stability, healing or rehabilitation from injury. This practice style can include Sun Salutations but is not a flowing practice in general. 15-20 minutes of Restorative Yoga at the end tie this practice up beautifully.
WHEN: Sundays 8:45-10:00 am (Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts)

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