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I welcome you, my soul sister.

Now, let me introduce myself, bigness and all.

I am a vibrant light with a fiery soul. I have a fierce commitment to inspire women at midlife to settle into and fully OWN their wisdom, beauty and worthiness. 

I inspire bold-souled midlife women to reclaim their own vitality and power in order to expand into their wisdom and sensuality and lead a deeply fulfilling life. 


I’m a balance between softness and strength and have a great ability to build others up to find their own voices and courage. My kindhearted, nurturing style creates trust and ease.

I love going deep into my physical body and shaking out all that holds me back and listening intently to what is revealed. I delight in teaching others the power of their physicality and their stillness as a vehicle to find the truth of who they are. I have a child-like sense of wonder and a wickedly contagious laugh and smile.  

I’m a passionate, sensual being with a deep yearning for connection, love and laughter. 

MY JOURNEY TO Worthiness

From hiding myself from the world to getting BIG and BOLD.

I honestly can’t believe I’ve just had my 52nd birthday- I don’t feel 52; whatever that means. I’m proud of the way that I care for myself and do my best to keep in shape, to continue to grow and evolve, and to better serve the world. I have struggled for as long as I can remember with feeling that I’m just not enough and that unless I’m doing something for others or making others proud of me, I’m not worthy of being here. That tape in my head is just so old and doesn’t serve me anymore but yet it often is louder than the loving voice inside of me. 

I look back now on my life and see just how much the belief of my inherent unworthiness about me has shaped the way that I live. I’ve taken risks and had plenty of joy and love in my life but have also made myself suffer so much.  I’m often told how hard I am on myself, which makes me feel even worse because I somehow wasn’t able to hide it. This unworthiness shows up in many ways.  I sometimes soothe myself with food. I hide how much and often I eat because I’m ashamed of my lack of self- control. I can retreat and close down rather than show my vulnerabilities; or I can get jealous of others who seem to “have it all”. Yet I somehow keep on digging deeper into who I am and how I show up in the world even with all of the pain. 

I’ve been through some tough bouts of depression, anxiety and feeling alone and lost. There was a time when I was heavily medicated on mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety and adhd meds. I felt stable yet broken.  I was working a high stress job and training and competing in long distance traithlons- thinking that the triathlon training was a way to relieve the stresses from my work. My body didn’t know the difference between the physical stress of long workouts and the mental and emotional stress from long hours of work. 

A few years back, the emotional duress from not being able to complete the high demands of my work and being overly concerned about how I was perceived by my bosses became too much for me.  I suffered through two  breakdowns where I was barely able to function and had to take a leave from work. I was experiencing many sports- related chronic injuries and a severe case of adrenal fatigue and had to stop competing in triathlons and marathons.  I had been gutting through it all because of that belief that there was something wrong with me that I just couldn’t cope like others could. It took more than a year to get off of the medications and stabilize myself emotionally as well as slowly rehabilitate my physical injuries. It had taken much longer than that to begin to see the pattern behind these breakdowns- that I didn’t feel worthy. 

I turned to yoga to help with the sports related injuries and soon found that the practice was much more than physical stretching or strengthening.  I loved how connected to my body I felt when I practiced and enjoyed being a part of a community that was so focused on healing.  Practicing the physical postures of yoga kept me grounded in my body and soon led me on a journey deeper into the philosophy of yoga of how to live into the present moment.  I began teaching yoga to help others and myself in 2014. 

Now I feel a drive within me like never before to show up more fully- to tell my story in the hopes of it having an impact on others- especially other midlife women like me. I witness and relate to the sadness, the hiding, the pervasive bit of shame from women who have given up a bit on their dreams of freedom and true happiness and are just going through the motions because they too don’t feel worthy or as if it’s somehow too late.  Even though I still grapple with my sense of unworthiness, I’m learning to be on my own side and to live for just this moment.  I’m seeing how all facets of myself; including those shadow sides, have led to me showing up even fuller than before.  


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